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What light does each instrument see?
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he Hubble Space Telescope's six science instruments — its cameras, spectrographs, and fine guidance sensors — work either together or individually to bring us stunning images from the farthest reaches of space. Each instrument was designed to observe the universe in a unique way.


Wide Field Camera 3 can be used to study objects everywhere from the far-distant universe to our own solar system's backyard. It helps examine the way galaxies evolve over time, the history of individual galaxies, and the mystery of "dark energy," the strange force that seems to be accelerating the expansion of the universe.



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The Cosmic Origins Spectrograph, which breaks ultraviolet radiation into components that can be studied in detail, is used to examine galaxy evolution, the formation of planets and the rise of the elements needed for life, and the "cosmic web" of gas between galaxies.



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The Advanced Camera for Surveys conducts surveys of the universe and studies the nature and distribution of galaxies. It studies ultraviolet emissions from stars, takes pictures of other planets in our solar system, and is used to search neighboring stars for planets.


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The Blue Blue Benetton FESCAR Benetton Blue Benetton Benetton Benetton FESCAR FESCAR Blue FESCAR FESCAR q8xwpH7 is Hubble's heat sensor. Its sensitivity to infrared light makes it useful for observing objects obscured by interstellar gas and dust (such as stellar birthsites and planetary atmospheres) and for peering into deepest space.

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The Space Telescope Imaging Spectrograph is a versatile instrument that acts somewhat like a prism, separating light from the cosmos into its component colors, as shown at right. STIS is used to study black holes, the composition of galaxies, and the atmospheres of planets around other stars, among other things.

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The Fine Guidance Sensors are targeting devices that lock onto "guide stars" and measure their positions relative to the object being viewed. Adjustments based on these precise readings keep Hubble pointed in the right direction. The sensors also are used to perform celestial measurements.

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The Fine
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Removed in 2009: The Gant Gant HALFZIP Marine LINKS STRIPE LINKS STRIPE Marine HALFZIP xaaIwq6z was the "workhorse" instrument behind many of the most famous Hubble pictures. As Hubble's main camera until the installation of ACS in 2002, it was used to observe just about everything. This camera was removed in 2009 during Servicing Mission 4 to make room for Wide Field Camera 3.

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Eagle Nebula

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Spiral Galaxy NGC 4414 Light Man City 2019 Blue 2018 Anthem Jacket Nike waq6EOYx7c

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Removed in 2002: The Faint Object Camera was Hubble's telephoto lens, recording detailed images over a small field of view. This instrument was replaced by the Advanced Camera for Surveys in early 2002.

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