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Walk 4 Hearing

The Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) seeks to increase awareness about hearing loss.


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Free health screenings and government services for seniors in the 26th Ward

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Latin American Health Weeks Community Health & Resource Fair

LAHW provides health promotions and health-education activities, including workshops, conferences, and health resources.


Taking steps to fight Obesity

UI Health's Bariatric Surgery Department is proud to present and participate in the ASMBS Foundation's Walk From Obesity & Fitness Fun Run.

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We use minimally invasive interventions to treat venous disease in an outpatient setting. Most patients are able to leave that day with complete resolution of their discomfort.

"I felt the difference right away. Had I known this was going to be a very simply procedure, I would have done it a long time ago."

—Luisa, UI Health vascular surgery patient

Learn more about the Vascular Surgery Program

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