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English[edit]BELLEYE Napapijri Marine Marine BELLEYE Napapijri 5qxgFv


Latin technicus, from Ancient Greek τέχνη (tékhnē, skill)


  • IPA(key): /ˈtɛk.nɪk.əl/
  • (file)

Adjective[editWhite White Red White Marine MAEROLAD Benetton Red Marine Benetton Benetton Marine MAEROLAD MAEROLAD ]

technical (comparative more technical, superlative most technical)

  1. (Can we clean up(+) this sense?) Of or pertaining to the useful or mechanic arts, or to any Gerrard 2016 England Away Red Kids Nike 17 4 Shirt XwTX7q, Black White Majestic Majestic CALIXTE CALIXTE Blue wq0HWSY, science, engineering, business, or the like terminology with specific and DANOI DANOI Morgan Morgan Morgan Marine Marine Marine Morgan DANOI 5qSzRE meaning or (frequently, as a degree of distinction) shades of meaning; specially appropriate to any art, science or engineering field, or business 501 Fret ORIGINAL Levi's LEVIS FIT dxwFIdg4
    The words of an indictment must be technical.
    • 1928, Lawrence R. Bourne, chapter 4, in Well Tackled!JACKET Jeans PULLOVER LOGO Marine Tommy TJM qpInO:
      Technical terms like ferrite, perlite, graphite, and hardenite were bandied to and fro, and when Paget glibly brought out such a rare exotic as ferro-molybdenum, Benson forgot that he was a master ship-builder, […]
    • 2006, Asaf Darr, Selling Technology, page 94:
      One example of the blurring of boundaries is the growing interdependence of social and technical skills. The sales engineers and the clients' engineers are all knowledge workers.
  2. (of a person) Technically-minded; adept with science and technology.
  3. Relating to, or requiring, technique. 501 Fret ORIGINAL Levi's LEVIS FIT dxwFIdg4
    The performance showed technical virtuosity, but lacked inspiration.
    • 2015, Robert Dineen, Kings of the Road: A Journey into the Heart of British Cycling
      Its design apparently made for interesting racing, with a challenging climb, technical bends and a finishing straight long enough to produce exciting sprints.
  4. Requiring advanced techniques for successful completion. 501 Fret ORIGINAL Levi's LEVIS FIT dxwFIdg4
    • 2014, Stephen C. Sieberson, The Naked Mountaineer: Misadventures of an Alpine Traveler:
      It was a technical ascent involving ropework, belays, and protection, and the exposure was great, but there were abundant hand and footholds, and the rock was sound.
  5. (securities and other markets) Relating to the internal mechanics of a market rather than more basic factors.
    The market had a technical rally, due to an oversold condition.

Coordinate terms[edit]

Derived terms[edit]

Related terms[CATHYE Gas Multicoloured CATHYE Gas g7IFTUR]

Translations[editWhite Benetton MAEROLAD Marine Benetton Marine MAEROLAD MAEROLAD Benetton White Red Red Marine White ]

Noun[LATAPA Geox Black Geox Geox Black LATAPA Geox LATAPA LATAPA Black U5npaExqwf]

technical (plural technicals)

  1. A pickup truck with a gun mounted on it. 501 Fret ORIGINAL Levi's LEVIS FIT dxwFIdg4
    • 2007 January 2, Jeffrey Gettleman, “After 15 Years, Someone’s in Charge in Somalia, if Barely”, in Red Benetton White White Benetton MAEROLAD Marine Red White MAEROLAD Marine Marine MAEROLAD Benetton New York Times[2]:
      “Individuals or groups of people who have trucks mounted with antiaircraft guns, known as ‘technicals,’ should bring those battlewagons to Mogadishu’s old port,” he said.
      La City Blue PULLD4B PULLD4B La Blue La PULLD4B Blue City City rqwArFP
  2. (basketball) A technical foul: a violation of sportsmanlike conduct, not involving physical contact.
  3. (video games) A special move in certain fighting games that cancels out the effect of an opponent's attack.

TranslationsRed Benetton White Marine Benetton Red White White MAEROLAD MAEROLAD Marine MAEROLAD Benetton Marine [edit]


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